i never considered the possibility that this could just be a temporary fling or at least when he started expressing how much he liked me i started thinking less and less about it, like god i became too infatuated.. once we addressed the possibility of not continuing this thing i shut down.. im so fucking sad what the fuck……

i hung out with the bae today and it was fine but towards the end we talked about what we’d do once i went back to school and once he had to move and he kind just talked about continuing his life like normal, and that made me very upset. im apprehensive about calling him my boyfriend because i don’t know what exactly we’re doing. id like to think what we’re doing is more serious than occasionally hooking up like we do couple things and we really engage each other, but i still think i need to determine what it is we’re doing and ask him because i cant keep doing this kind of thing if there’s no genuine feelings or plans to extend this relationship on the long run

I’ve heard several young hipsters tell me they’re socially-liberal and economic-conservative, a popular trend in American politics,” he writes. “Well, I hate to break it to you buddy, but it’s economics and the role of the state that defines politics. If you’re an economic conservative, despite how ironic and sarcastic you may be or how tight your jeans are, you, my friend, are a conservative …


> trying to separate sex workers from pole dancing
> trying to condemn sex work while praising pole dancing
> acting like it wasnt fucking sex workers who brought pole dancing into the mainstream
> acting like its “totally feminist” to steal these moves from sex workers and then act like it’s dirty when they do it

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