I am sad I have responsibilities and problems ive never had to deal with before where I have no former knowledge of how to solve them

that new sbtrkt song with ezra koenig sounds so bad :(

is oyasumi punpun ever gonna get published in the us… cus like i hate reading stuff on my computer

exactlythesamebutdifferent omg i know they literally made resolutions and tied up all the plot lines for every character like they could have ended the series with this episode lol but im happy there’s still more to come :))

my ass is so late but i just watched the season finale of parks and rec and omg im so happy and sad is there gonna be another season???


one of us, one of us…
sheik’s welcoming sheik into their legion (each version is based on the 6 the games + oot manga sheik has appeared in, but i didnt feel like drawing all of them because a few barely have any differences from each other)

like i dont know u and like based on ur profile i already dont think i would like you…… and like im so iffy about people having too much proximity into my life

i hate it when dudes on okcupid ask for my number and fb after talking to them for a few minutes like…. why you gotta put me under all that pressure