Like im wearing a gross sweaty uniform, but I wear it so well like im not only serving all these people funnel cakes, im serving them looks

What is happening with omocat ? :-0


someone pointed out how her obsession w shotacon and her shota merchandise is uncomfortably based in pedophilia and she responded by throwing a tantrum on twitter w smash hit tweets like




your personal preference is little boys and you are an adult


"how dare u persecute me for romanticizing the sexual abuse of young boys"

my laptop kept crashing and when i started it up it was like “do you wanna refresh to improve performance” and i was like ok and it basically uninstalled all my programs :/

it is inevitable that fantasy races and worlds will one day invent smooth, comfortable, hard working wrangler fit denim jeans


dragons, dwarves, orcs, elves, humans, ghosts, and blood gods alike can’t resist the comfortable, casual look and fit of this deep blue denim

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❁ sister signs ❁


it is very important that people know their sister signs, because the compatibility between two tends to get disregarded when in actuality you are the yin to their yang— their other half! it is likely that you may have had a friend/friends or a crush/crushes that were your sister sign (or the sister sign of your moon sign).

aries ➥ libra
taurus ➥ scorpio
gemini ➥ sagittarius
cancer ➥ capricorn
leo ➥ aquarius
virgo ➥ pisces

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